Suffering From Neck Pain?

chiropractic care for neck pain

The neck is a part of your body you may not think about much -- until it starts to hurt. Neck pain can range from a mild chronic ache to excruciating symptoms that make even turning your head an impossible goal. Whether your pain stems from a chronic cervical condition or an acute injury, you're probably searching for treatment options that don't involve heavy-duty drugs or major surgery -- and Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers has them. Our chiropractor in Phoenix, Dr. Roxane Zamora, can provide you with various forms of safe, natural neck pain relief.

Common Causes of Neck Pain Seen By Our Phoenix Chiropractor

Your neck must perform a difficult balancing act every day, supporting the full weight of your head as you stand, bend and move. Strong, comfortable support depends on optimal function from your cervical vertebrae (including the joints that articulate them), neck muscles and nervous system. If your cervical alignment is off balance, so is your head -- and this can seriously strain the supporting muscles. Alignment problems and cervical joint strain can also occur if degenerative problems such as a bulging disc causes the cervical spine to lose height. A herniated disc in the neck can impinge the nerve roots that extend from the spinal cord, causing not only neck pain but also hand, arm and shoulder symptoms.

Many factors may figure into your Phoenix neck pain. An auto accident can suddenly produce the severe misalignment, muscle strain and nerve problems associated with whiplash, for instance. On the other end of the scale, degenerative disc disease and other age-related conditions may take years to develop. Poor posture and ergonomic issues may also be hurting your neck. "Text neck" is a good example of the discomfort caused by constantly drooping the head to view mobile devices.

Chiropractic Care and Other Non-Surgical Solutions

Our Phoenix chiropractor can confirm the underlying cause or causes of your neck pain. Discussion of your symptoms and a detailed evaluation of your cervical spine can reveal joint abnormalities, disc problems and other likely sources of pain. If your cervical spinal alignment is clearly off, chiropractic care can help normalize disc position and joint motion. This can help you regain pain-free mobility in the neck and enjoy relief from neurological symptoms caused by pinched nerve roots. Correcting the alignment between the upper cervical vertebrae and the skull can also help relieve longstanding muscular strain.

Chiropractic care isn't the only Phoenix neck pain relief strategy we offer. Our Phoenix chiropractor can also prescribe massage therapy to rehabilitate injured neck muscle and corrective exercises to help you build a stronger, more flexible neck. If you could benefit from ergonomic suggestions to help you treat your neck more kindly at work, we're happy to guide you in that area as well.

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