“Pay The Farmer, Or Pay The Doctor”: The Importance Of Nutrition & Supplements To Our Overall Health Phoenix AZ

"Pay The Farmer, Or Pay The Doctor": The Importance of Nutrition & supplements To Our Overall Health In Phoenix AZ

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ Pay The Farmer Or Pay The Doctor

There’s an old saying: “Pay the farmer or pay the doctor.”

This statement simplifies the point, but it’s wise to remember that the foods we eat today are what the body uses to heal, repair and build new cells. The food itself – or more specifically, the right foods – can be the greatest form of healing or cause of illness. Contact our Phoenix AZ chiropractor today to learn more.

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ Supplements

As a chiropractor, I believe the body is innately intelligent and designed to be not only self-healing and self-regulating but also a vehicle to harbor all of life’s unlimited potential. We live our best lives when we give our body what it needs to be healthy. That’s the heart of the chiropractic philosophy

The Importance Of Supplements In Phoenix AZ

I began incorporating supplements after reading a study showing that our food is so deficient that to get the nutritional value of one bowl of salad in the 80’s, we would need to eat 13 bowls today! Because of that deficiency in foods, 90% of people don't get the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone. Further, pesticides and herbicides used to farm our food, chemicals found in our water supply, and external environmental issues like pollution can drastically increase our need for extra vitamins and minerals. These chemicals create free radicals that attack our digestive and immune system.

In an analysis from 2001–08, it was determined that about 90% Americans are deficient in vitamins D and E, and more than 40% have some other form of nutritional deficiency. Depending on the study, 35-40% of Americans now take supplements to overcome this deficit.

Supplementation is intended to bridge this nutritional gap so that we maintain the proper balance of nutrients from food and supplementation. This will enhance the nutrient density of your diet and ensure you are obtaining the right amount of nutrients tailored to your dietary needs.

Tips For Supplement Shopping

More often than not, the active ingredient in supplements is synthetic, meaning that it’s been manufactured using industrial chemicals.

More than 95 percent of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you can buy at health food stores and those sold in other stores are now made by the same few pharmaceutical and chemical companies who supply them to most all the vitamin and mineral companies. Unfortunately, with this being the case, the bottom line can be profit over quality.

Standard Process

One of my favorite brands is Standard Process. They grow their own products on their farm in Wisconsin and are the oldest supplement company in the US. They’ve been around since 1929.

When shopping for vitamins, avoid getting them from Amazon because there’s a huge counterfeit market and I routinely get emails from companies alerting us, so we can let patients know.

Nutrition Alone Isn’t Enough

With all that said about nutrition, our bodies can live months without food and nutrition, days without water, but only seconds without a functioning nervous system!

Page 4 of Gray’s Anatomy tells us the nervous system controls every function of the body. The vertebrae and skull protect the nervous system and ensure its functioning properly and freely, without interference.

When there is interference, which we call subluxation, disease builds. Research tells us a feather’s weight of pressure on the nerve, from a bone misaligning, the disc degenerating or arthritic spurs developing can cause maladaption and allow disease to develop.

This can happen from routine aspects of your life or daily activities: working on the computer and talking on the phone, physical activities like sports, cheerleading and gymnastics, or traumas like car accidents or random falls. The physical demands of service in the military can cause subluxations or even repetitive stress at your job. If you receive an injury, which in some cases may be so minor as to not offer pain to alert you, your body can no longer adapt to the stresses and disease builds, starting a downward spiral of pain, further injuries, and further blockages.

To identify subluxations and understand your current condition when you start a treatment program, in my practice, we start with your health history, exam, and x-rays to check for misalignments, arthritic spurs and investigate your spine’s current phase of disc degeneration. Where there is misalignment, there is nerve system dysfunction and disease building in the organ.

I encourage you to make healthy choices when it comes to good nutrition and even more important to take care of your spinal health.

Reach out to Imagine Wellness Chiropractic and we can send you a link to where you can order quality supplements and we can provide a discount code for your first order. Or schedule an appointment today to see the current state of your spinal alignment and any subluxations that may be present. Take back control of your health today!

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