Do You Have Back Pain?

chiropractic care for back pain

Developing back pain impacts your health and well-being. It interferes with your lifestyle and causes complications with your normal activities. Whether you have lower back pain, upper back pain or pain in any area between, you might want to visit our Phoenix chiropractor at Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers to determine the options for pain relief and management.

Causes of Back Pain

The reasons you experience back pain depend on your situation. Generally, it stems from certain activities, accidents or poor posture; however, it can develop without any obvious cause in certain situations. For example, it may develop while you sleep and relate to the position of your body during sleep.

By identifying the underlying reasons for mid back pain or upper back pain, we identify the right treatment plans for your goals. At Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers, we consider the possible challenges associated with the pain and then work on a recovery plan based on your needs and goals.

Solutions for Back Pain Relief

At Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers, we offer different treatment solutions for back pain relief. We evaluate your back and the location of the pain before considering any treatment strategies. We then use appropriate tools to determine the exact cause of the pain. For example, if lower back pain stems from a pinched nerve, then we develop a plan of action to help with the extra pressure on your back.

In many cases, we recommend an adjustment to your spine to help alleviate pressure and improve the alignment of the spine. By improving the alignment of your spine, you reduce the amount of pain you experience and improve the overall function of the spine. As a result, you help manage the pain in your back.

When the pain stems from pressure on specific points in your spine, we may suggest decompression therapy. The decompression therapy uses force on a specific point to reduce the excess pressure and alleviate the pain from the compression. The treatment plan we recommend depends on the situation and your goals.

Maintaining Long-Term Relief from Pain

Relieving pain in your back starts with developing the right plan of action. After the initial treatment to reduce pressure and encourage proper function, we may suggest stretches and exercises to improve the mobility and flexibility of your back. Our recommendations vary based on the location of your pain and the underlying causes, but we generally help you improve the function over your back and spine over time.

Exercises and stretches help you maintain the health of your spine and back while also reducing pain with natural solutions. We make suggestions for your health and your back after ensuring you have the proper techniques when stretching or exercising the area.

Your back plays an important role in the function of your body. When pain develops after an accident or unexpectedly during your day, you want to find the right treatment solutions without using harsh strategies.

To learn more about treating the pain with natural solutions at Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers, contact us today.


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