Low Back Pain in Phoenix AZ

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Lower back pain relief in Phoenix AZ is achievable with our natural treatment options. If you are living with the pain and frustration of lower back discomfort and have tried pain-relievers, physical therapy, or are just living with the pain, we are here to tell you there is an effective treatment option. Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers which is home to our Phoenix AZ chiropractor, Dr. Roxane Zamora, uses a personalized approach to identify your reasons for lower back pain and then eliminate the problem. You do not have to live with the limited range of motion or lack of physical activity that often accompany lower back pain. You can find relief with our holistic approach. Residents of Phoenix AZ and the surrounding communities are encouraged to visit Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Centers for a free consultation to determine if our chiropractic care services will benefit your condition.

Low Back Pain Treatments with our Chiropractor in Phoenix AZ

If you are seeking effective low back pain treatments, our chiropractor in Phoenix AZ has the solutions. Dr. Zamora evaluates your lower back pain to determine the cause of your pain. Then, your individual plan is developed that may include:

  • Manual chiropractic adjustments following the Diversified Technique or Palmer Package. Dr. Zamora uses forceful thrusts to adjust the vertebrae in your lower back so they are in better alignment. When the vertebrae are straight, nerve pressure is eliminated which lessens your lower back pain. This is especially helpful in conditions such as sciatica in which the sciatic nerve is being compressed. Manual adjustments of the vertebrae also reduce pain from herniated discs. Our Phoenix AZ chiropractor determines which approach is most beneficial for your condition and may use the Thompson Drop Table during your adjustments to more effectively position your spine.
  • The Activator Tool helps alleviate back pain in Phoenix AZ residents by allowing Dr. Zamora a precise adjustment. The Activator tool applies the thrust to manipulate the vertebrae or other bones such as those in your hips and pelvis that may be contributing to your lower back pain. Once your spine and joints are aligned, your pain is reduced and your range of motion returns.
  • Corrective exercises to establish a stronger core and lessen the pull of muscular imbalances on your lower back. We also teach you flexibility movements to keep your lower back limber.
  • Nutritional counseling to support injury recovery and healing of lower back pain.

Our lower back pain treatment options bring you immediate and lasting pain relief. Whether you are struggling with pain from a spinal abnormality, an injury, a herniated disc or sciatica, we have effective treatments. Our approach includes lifestyle guidance to support a healthier posture throughout the day and decrease your risk for future lower back pain. We welcome new patients with a free consultation. To learn more about Dr. Zamora's chiropractic care for lower back pain, please contact us today.

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