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When I say chiropractic people think of help for a painful neck or back, and I'm great at helping that but it's about so much more.

Not all chiropractors provide advanced corrective care, like I do and actually only 7% do, but I wouldn't practice any other way because I understand how important it is to take time to provide you information about the bigger picture and help create a lifestyle and culture of health and wellness. I want all my patients to understand you have the greatest doctor within you and your body wants to be well, we simply need to give it what it needs and to remove interference/ subluxations to all ow it to heal. It's a disservice and a missed opportunity to help transform your life, if I don' t take that time. Contact our clinic in Phoenix AZ today for more information.

Structure and Function in Phoenix AZ

Corrective care isn't a quick fix but it is so effect because structure controls function! If I twist my ankle and its turned sideways and I keep walking on it, what happens? It will be painful, the joint will start wearing out, scar ti sue will build up and then my knee will hurt, then my hip because now my structure and anatomy are all misaligned. Eventually, the opposite side will begin to hurt because the compensation continues. You can take pain pills, or injections, or do physical therapy and focus on the pain or muscles but what do you need to do is get it corrected in the proper position and retrain it to stabilize and heal. It's intensive but so important to remodel and strengthen the structure. Simply covering up the pain is not truly helping and I want to get to the root cause.

For Example

Let' s use the example of the first 2 bones of the neck, Cl -C2. If they are misaligned putting pressure on the nerve and brain stem and It can cause headaches, depression, anxiety , insomnia, ringing in the ears, dizziness, weak immune, allergies and lethargy. I had a patient that had part of her skull removed because her doctor told her that her Cl was pushing on the nerve and therefore they needed to remove part of her skull. This is unfortunate because our bones/ skull are there to protect our nerves and brain. The problem with removing the bone is the Cl will continue to move even more out of position and that is why she came to me for help. After her first phase of care she no longer had headaches and It was the first time in 15 years she didn't have a daily headache. It takes time but the reward is amazing health and overall wellness.

Overall Wellness

Getting adjusted at Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center in Phoenix improves the overall wellness by allowing the nerves to function and the cells heal and repair and I'm sure you've heard "once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go" and It' s not that you have to continue and I would never tell someone they have to continue,because you are in control of your health. However, I do suggest after you work hard to correct the structure you would benefit from continuing maintenance because its like continuing to brush your teeth after you go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned to prevent decay or wearing a retainer after the braces come off to prevent your teeth from going back. Also, after patients begin to experience how amazing they feel, they don't want to feel like they did prior to getting adjusted.

New Cells

Every 120 days you're getting new healthy cells. Know that you are getting stronger and healthier every time you get adjusted. If there is no nerve interference/subluxation your body is healing, and cells are repairing. If there are subluxation old cells are replicating and your body is staying sick. Therefore, you' re getting adjusted is about your health not merely pain.

Congratulations on your wise choice of chiropractic for health!

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