Phoenix AZ - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Phoenix AZ is an amazing city loaded with exciting activities and thrilling attractions and is also the capital of Arizona. It is one of the top ten largest cities in the U.S with beautiful scenery that attracts tourists from all over. It is an extensive oasis in the arid region and has often been nicknamed the 'valley of the sun'. Phoenix AZ has colorful sunsets, a big sky, bright stars, incredible resort life, remarkable museums, hidden gems and perennial sunshine leaving room for boundless activities. Phoenix AZ is a great destination especially during winter when people are craving for warm weather or during summer and fascinates people of all ages. Here are some of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ if you are spending a day here:

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix AZ

Situated in Papago Park, the Garden boasts of being home to one of the world's best collections of desert plants. It has many of species of trees, cacti, and flowers from all over the world. Home to 139 threatened rare and endangered plant species, there is no better place to experience desert splendor than the Desert Botanical Garden. In addition, the Desert Botanical Garden hosts many events such as outdoor concert series and bird-watching expeditions.

Hike at Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is a popular recreation destination for rock climbing and hiking located in the Echo Canyon Recreation Park. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including a variety of birds, rabbits, lizards, and snakes. Camelback Mountain is the highest peak in Phoenix AZ and is home to two popular hiking paths that lead you to the summit, and other smaller hiking, walking paths and mountain biking that can be enjoyed during any time of the year.

Relax At Some of the Best Spas

If hiking isn't really what excites you, consider a day spent soaking in mud or wrapped in seaweed. Alongside its beautiful hiking trails and mountains, Phoenix AZ is home to some of the most outstanding resort and day spas you'll ever come across. When everyday life becomes too overwhelming or when winter comes, many visitors head to Sun Valley for salt scrubs and hot rock massages.
Many people agree that there is no finer place to lie in the lap of luxury than the Golden Door Spa, which is conveniently located in the city's CBD. Other favorite relaxing spots include the Willow Stream Spa, Arizona Biltmore Spa, and the Camelback Inn Spa in Scottsdale that is worth paying a visit for a dip in the roof-top pool.

Enjoy Great Meals at the Phoenician

The massive restaurant makes a stunning first impression thanks to its lush green landscaping, palms, koi ponds, and waterfalls against a rugged background. There is a wide variety of dining options for visitors at The Phoenician. They offer seasonally inspired foods for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. It is an amazing place for visitors looking for a superb dining experience and serves a wide selection of steak and seafood, as well as picturesque of Phoenix AZ city.