2017 Must See Landmarks In Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ

It is the capital and most famous city in the Arizona state. Not only is it popular but also highly populated. The region is always flocked with tourists and residents due to its beauty and elegance. Situated in the United States of America, it is the only state with over a million people residing in it. The friendliness in the climatic conditions makes it an ideal tourist destination for you, your friends and family. The beauty of Phoenix AZ as a city makes it fun and exciting regardless of your age. When planning for vacations with your friends and family, you need to know the most exciting and fun-filled locations to visit. Phoenix AZ is the town for all fun lovers. Here are a few places that have been ranked topmost when it comes to tourist destinations in Phoenix AZ.

The Camelback Mountain

This has been ranked among the top four things that you must visit while in the region. Most people prefer to drive up and hike the mountain. Thousands of people come to the mountain every year to hike and camp beside it. Among the trails to use is the Echo Canyon trail which is around six miles to the top of the mountain. Several factors will determine how fast you get to the top. Age is Among the most important determining factors. Other factors include the health status and general psyche as well. Hiking with energetic and fun-to-be-around kind of people makes it even more exciting for you. You should never worry about the whole hiking experience. There are guides situated at the lower part of the mountain to ensure that your hike is as fun as you anticipated it to be. You are required to tag along sturdy boots and plenty of water for the exercise. This will keep you energized and hydrated for the whole experience. If you feel the need, you may also include hiking poles if you have elderly persons in the group. It is far much more fun when you are in a team that keeps chatting and communicating. Depending on the time that you make your visit to Phoenix AZ, it is crucial to know which hiking route is most convenient for you. It is a beautiful feeling to conquer the Camelback Mountain hiking experience.

The Desert Botanical Garden

The botanical feature has been rated among the top two must-see places in Phoenix AZ. The Desert Botanical Garden gives you the experience of being in a desert full of cactus and other desert flora. By hiring a tour guide at the entrance, you can learn and gain information about the various types of cacti that there are in the world. It acts as preservation for the desert plants while still displaying their natural beauty all over the place. Having a fully charged phone will go a long way in ensuring that you can take photos and images of the plants for future reference. The trails that you pass through are well prepared to lead you to the different regions of the garden. It is very self- educational. Even without a guide, you can read through the plant signboards and get to know which kind of plants they are. There is always a reader board about all the plants in the garden. You get such a beautiful experience.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Experience musical culture at the number one ranked must-be place in Phoenix AZ. The Musical Instrument Museum is a located in a landscaped environment that allows you to see and understand the different styles of music. The instruments are arranged in sections displaying band music, modern jazz, ragtime as well as Dixieland type of music. Whether you are musical or not, it is an experience that you cannot miss while in Phoenix AZ. On every instrument, there are earphones attached so that you can listen up and hear the distinct sounds. Not only is it a learning experience but also an entertaining experience. If you are the kind that loves fun and music, you will be better placed to visit the place. Outside the museum is a restaurant whereby you and your family can enjoy delicious meals and snacks together. It is a fascinating experience.