Top Things You Can Do In Phoenix AZ To Have Fun

Despite what your plastic surgeon would have you believe, in the long run, you're going to die one day. And there are various exclusively AZ things you ought to do before you breathe your last. Here are the best things you totally must do if you want to experience what the beautiful city of Phoenix AZ has to offer for weekend visitors:

Visit The Heard Museum in Phoenix AZ

The Heard Museum is an extraordinary place to visit while in the city of Phoenix AZ. It is not only unique in the kind of exhibits it displays, but also in the manner in which it displays them.
You can never tire of exploring the museum, thanks to the over 30,000 pieces of fine and cultural art housed here. There are permanent displays, such as the famous Kachina Dolls' Barry Goldwater collection, as well as unique exhibits throughout the year. Some of the unique events that held in this museum include Heard Museum Indian Fair Market and the World Championship Dance Contest.

Attend A Baseball Game

The Cactus League spring training games are held in the city of Phoenix AZ every year and have become a local tradition that is not worth missing. They are held across the Sun Valley so there is no excuse not to go and watch some of the league's best talent in a relaxed environment. You can always attend a D-Backs game at Chase Field when the season starts.

Explore the Desert Botanic Garden

In the last seven decades, the Desert Botanical Garden has showcased the natural beauty of AZ in a remarkable way. It is an amazing place to attend special events, such as the Las Notches de las Luminaires, a spectacular annual lights display.
The garden is home to one of the finest collection of desert plants in the world. It is one of only 45 botanical gardens that have received accreditation from the Association of American Museums. Here, you will find fifty acres of amazing outdoor exhibitions and 139 rare, endangered and endangered plant species from across the planet. In other words, there's no better place to connect with desert beauty than at the AZ's Desert Botanical Garden.

Climb Piestewa Peak

Formerly known as Squawer Peak, Piestewa Peak is a preserve of the Phoenix AZ Mountains. It has an elevation of 2,605 feet, which is pretty excellent for most hikers. Visitors can get enjoy a great workout while climbing this peak, and see picturesque views of the city after getting to the top.
The mountain's Summit Trail is one of the most popular trails in the nation with 5,000 to 11,000 hikers every week. However, bicycles and dogs are not allowed on the trail.

Tour Castle Tovrea

Looking like a wedding cake, Castle Tovrea sits atop a hill in the middle of Phoenix AZ. People drove by for many years, wondering what that this magnificent castle was all about. It was purchased by the City of Phoenix AZ and developed so that the questions of those who visited it could be answered. Visitors can tour the building and its grounds, learn more about the community that lived there and understand their role in the history of the city.